One year ago Jonny and I started a handmade candle company called Key Candles. Since then we’ve made candles in our extra bedroom, branded our product, packaged them, sold them on, shown at craft fairs in the Minneapolis area, sold wholesale, and more. Now it’s time for something new: a blog.

In case you haven’t noticed, the internet is more than pornography and cat memes. If you want to learn something new there are an endless amount of resources on this World Wide Web! Information about small business ownership that used to take hours of research to acquire can now be learned in a minute by the click of a button. We have followed blogs written by other folks starting businesses and they have come in handy. Everyone in our shoes has had their own mistakes or success they can share. We hope to join the crowd and put in our two cents about the craft business world. If our stories are helpful to anyone out there we would feel that this blog was a success. If nothing else, writing this blog will be a personal archive of our adventure.

In the future we would like to write about interesting products, inspirational crafters, the Minneapolis craft scene, craft fairs, selling on Etsy, creative marketing, and any other subjects related to craft entrepreneurship.  Please feel free to let us know what you think. We look forward to sharing our stories and learning from all of you as well!

– Audrey