Wowza! We’ve been off the blogging train because the amazing holiday craft show circuit. Now that our last show of the year is over there’s something I wanted to talk about before the gift-giving season is over:


Last year I saw Yelp’s “Shop Local Pledge” and it really got me thinking about the way I buy gifts. I was too late to join the fun last year but this time around I’ve been on top of my game. Basically the pledge asks people to consider buying their holiday gifts at local stores as apposed to purchasing items from huge corporations. To find out more about the Minneapolis pledge check out the website This was a great start but I thought the pledge could be taken a step further. Why stop at just the stores being local? Why not make sure the product is as well?


I stumbled across the website to find this inspiring information:


That statistic kind of blew my mind. The website offers links to many USA companies that offer lovely gifts. This is just a jumping point! Not only can you shop at local gift stores but search for local companies that actually make their own product. What a wonderful way to show your appreciation for someone and also help your local economy.


Do you still have any gifts to buy this season? Here are some nifty ways you can avoid the corporate crap!

  • Find locally owned gift stores and if you’d like to step it up a notch check each product to see if it is made in the USA
  • Buy a gift certificate to a local business. This could be a restaurant, small theater, massage therapist, salon, museum, and beyond!
  • Attend a craft fair to find handmade gifts
  • Check out your nearest co-op to see if they have a gift isle
  • Search for presents on Etsy (if you want to find something made nearby you can utilize the “Local Search” option!)
  • Make your own gift! Everyone has a special skill, share it with the folks you like!


On the receiving side of holiday gifts, these are the types of things I would like to get! Let’s use the golden rule, okay? While I have bought gifts under those guidelines this year I still haven’t bought anything I wouldn’t want to personally receive. I will be sharing these gifts after the holidays.

Please be conscious while you’re out there and share your experiences here in the comments!