We have been making candles for a long time now and we have tried all types of materials. In the handmade candle store we used to work in we used mostly paraffin wax. We have chosen to use soy and beeswax for our candles because we appreciate that they are made without petroleum bi-products. We also like soy and beeswax because it is made in the US, unlike palm wax. We would like to use as many natural products as possible, while still making the best candles we can.

With that being said, how do you all feel about the fragrances in your candles? We have been experimenting with pure essential oils for the fragrance in our candles but we have mixed feelings. The essential oils smell strong while they are burning, but not as “true” as the synthetic fragrances! Silly, right? Of course if we used only essential oils our price would need to go up quite a bit as well. We haven’t had a problem with the oils we were using before, and we trust that they are high quality, but we are trying to stay open minded.


So, what is your opinion? Would you be more or less likely to buy candles made only with essential oils? How do you feel about wax?