Is it our second Thursday already? Time flies! Last week we talked about a holder for votives or tealights and this week we will focus on a fantastic taper candleholder. This beauty is handmade by Esque and it will put you back $300.


Wax Collector

This clear glass candleholder allows the wax that drips from a taper candle to decorate the inside of the container. Every time a person burns a candle into the container you will get a different result, meaning each item will be unique.

In the past we made “drippy candles” that were supposed to drip. I’ve heard this was a really popular candle style in the 70’s. I think they are kind of fun! That being said, we pride ourselves on making 100% beeswax candles that do not drip! They wouldn’t work well in this holder. Still pretty cool though!