We went to the opening of Dear Jupiter in Cambridge, Minnesota this weekend and had a great time! We wanted to share a couple photos from the event.


The store had a variety of crafts and supplies available. We are happy to be broadening our sales area in Minnesota and getting more exposure outside of the Twin Cities.

YarnWe saw our friend from Volomortuus selling her handmade yarn there as well. Her stuff is great. Also, what a cute display for yarn!

Going to the opening of a store really makes me itch for our own place. We worked in a candle store together for years and it really was the best job I’ve ever had. When I was younger I would have never expected to be an entrepreneur  but now that I’ve explored different careers I can see how fantastic it is! I know it can be hard some days too. It has been great getting to know small business owners and hear their mistakes and successes. We look forward to sharing more with you as we find it out ourselves!