We are absolutely thankful for the ability to sell our candles in cute shops all over Minnesota. Selling in stores has allowed us to open up to a new group of customers outside of the Twin Cities and it has been a fun adventure for us. It is interesting to see how our products fit with each store’s flair, and what sells where. These stores are the kind of places we shop on our own time and we hope to tell you about them in case they could be new for you!

Double Dutch1

One store we have been lucky to work with is Double Dutch in Duluth, Minnesota. Duluth is a few hours north of Minneapolis and has a great community. The town, although as landlocked as can be, almost feels like a small costal community because of beautiful Lake Superior and the smiley faces on the people. It is a tourist spot for many but I am also close with several born and raised Duluthians and they are sweet as can be. Taken from upstairs, you can see in this photo the cozy nature of the shop.

 Double Dutch2

Double Dutch opened recently in a corner building of a busy Duluth intersection. The store itself is a narrow open space with a small second floor balcony. This store is packed with glorious handmade goods and vintage items. I kind of wish I could take all of its contents home to decorate my own house.

Double Dutch3

Double Dutch also reaches outside of the craft world with a good selection of Fine Art and even a section of locally written books. In the back of this photo you can also spot a local coffee and cupcake area, which is the cherry on top.

Double Dutch4

Don’t you love this blue door for a display? I’m a little crazy for keys and doors, so I might be biased (Note: you can see our candles on the right!).

Have you been up to Duluth? If so, what are your favorite spots to visit? If it would stop raining in Minneapolis I might go outside and enjoy the summer! For now I’ll be daydreaming about heading north when the skies clear up.