This week Jonny and I took a spur of the moment trip north to a beautiful bed and breakfast getaway. We have both been working so hard this last year, it was our first vacation in a very long time! On the trip we were going to be close to Fargo so we decided to take a stop in to visit the folks at the Unglued Market right downtown Fargo.

Unglued Market

We were introduced to the Unglued folks when we attended the Unglued Craft Fest this past year. We had a fabulous time at that fair and we were honored when we were asked if our products could be sold at the store of the same name downtown. We don’t get to travel to Fargo often so we were pleased as punch to be able to come in and see what it looked like with our own eyes.


The store itself is filled to the brim with beautiful gifts made from far and wide. There is a little bit of something for everyone. I love how Ashley, the shop owner, decorates the store in a way that I can only describe as “Cluttered-organized”. Clutorganized? There are so many different items in the store but they are shown in themes. It just makes sense when you’re in there. Our candles for instance are displayed in one area of the store, but our wildflower honey fragrance is set up next to the locally made honey. It flows!

Unglued Market

As a person who is majorly interested in store displays and store design, I totally get jazzed over cute display furniture. This card catalog card display is so up my ally, I would have stolen it had I the strength and lack of morals.


Not only does Unglued have wonderful gifts but they also sell cupcakes from Bakeology. I’m not crazy about cupcakes, I mean, they’re fine and all, but I would say that the Robin’s Egg cupcake that I had from this company is the best cupcake I’ve ever had. Something about the texture of the cake and frosting together was above and beyond delicious. You can also find our birthday candles right next to the cupcakes. Again, creative display planning :)