Other than candle making I (Audrey, writer of blogs!) also have a full time grind that requires me to travel quite a bit. Since work is the only time I get to really travel, I try to fit in as many candle outings as possible when I’m already on the road. Recently I spent a week on the upper east coast and I found some amazing candles there! While driving I stopped in Portsmouth, NH to visit the Portsmouth Candle Company.

Portsmouth Candle Company Sign

This huge candle emporium is located right on the main street in Porstmouth. The owner has a passion for candles and it shows in this shop! She has been selling her favorite candles in this small town for over twenty years. The variety is impressive in here. There are your basic nitty gritty candles and much more decorative options as well.

Portsmouth Candle Company

In Minneapolis we only have one candle store that sells just candles, and it’s Yankee! That means there is only one company being represented and all of the candles have the same colors and fragrances. I loved Portsmouth Candle Company because the owner chooses a large variety of candle companies to represent and no matter what kind of candle you are looking for, I bet you can find it here. She also ships orders, so even if you’re not in the NH area you can still get a quality candle package without shopping at several different companies.


This taper candle display was clearly designed just for the store. We had something similar to this made at the candle shop we used to work in and I’d love one in our future shop. In the back row you can see tapers splashed with color, which I had never seen before!

Portsmouth Candle Company floaters

Sorry for the poor quality on these photos, I couldn’t bring my fancy camera with me on my trip! I just wanted to throw these little cuties in at the end. I don’t know if people even burn floaters, they probably just keep them to look at because they are so pretty!